A piping system joined together by a JHFoster product. Versatility of a piping system.

Compressed air flows from your compressor to the end-users (pneumatic machines, workstations, etc.) through your compressed air piping so it can be utilized at your machines and operate air tools, etc. Whether the piping is aluminum, copper, black iron, galvanized piping or schedule 80 PVC for vacuum and cooling, it’s very important to choose the right kind and size of pipe to maximize the efficiency of your system to save money.

JHFoster provides the pneumatic fittings, compressed air pipe, and compressed air fittings and parts required to keep your compressed air systems operating efficiently. In addition, we offer compressed air piping design, air system drawings and compressed air piping system installation to get your systems up and running quickly. Contact us today at 800.582.5162 or email and request more information about our compressed air piping systems inventory.

Our complete line of plant air piping systems is listed below.

Parker: Transair aluminum and stainless steel piping system

Quincy: AIRnet

A compressed air system with Zeks and Quincy parts are assorted in a room.