Compressed Air Piping Design

John Henry Foster has the expertise to provide complete compressed air, vacuum system and fluid cooling piping design and installation for your plant air system. Our technical team is available to evaluate and support in assessing air systems.

Compressed air flows from your compressor to the end-users (pneumatic machines, work stations, etc.) through your compressed air piping.  The pipes purpose is to transport the air without any leakage so you can utilize at your machines and operate air tools, etc. This is why it’s very important to buy the right kind and size of pipe to maximize efficiency and save money.

We work with the following piping systems:

1. Aluminum Piping

The innovative technology of aluminum piping enables rapid and easy assembly with quick connection of components to the aluminum pipe. Aluminum compressed air pipe systems provides airtight fittings with full bore flow creating a more energy efficient system.

2. Copper Piping

  • Sweat Fit
  • ProPress

3. Black Iron Piping

  • Threaded
  • Victaulic
  • Mega Press

4. Galvanized Piping

  • Threaded
  • Victaulic

5. Stainless Steel Piping

  • Pro Press

6. Schedule 80 PVC for Vacuum and Cooling

  • PVC Glued and Flanged

JHF provides the pneumatic fittings, compressed air pipe, and compressed air fittings and parts required to keep your compressed air systems operating efficiently. Our unmatched expertise combined with the best available compressed air piping and accessories from manufacturers like Transair ensures your piping needs will be met every time. In addition JHF offers compressed air piping design, air system drawings and compressed air piping system installation to get your systems up and running quickly.

Please contact us today at 651.452.8452 or request more information to learn about our vast compressed air piping systems inventory and the rest of our product line and service offerings.


Transair - Aluminum Piping Systems

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for clean air applications

Push-to-connect aluminum
Easy to handle
Remains leak free
Skilled labor is not required for installation
Energy efficient
Available in : 1/2″ (16.5 mm) – 6″ (168 mm)

Copper Pipe

RECOMMENDED for clean air

Aesthetically pleasing installation
Delivers clean air free of particulates

More expensive
Soldering of joints is time consuming
Requires skill for installation

Black Iron Pipe

RECOMMENDED for compressed air systems

Readily available
Strong and durable
Most understand how to install

Can produce rust contamination (damaging to pneumatic tooling)
The pipe is not coated
Installation requires significant time
Changes to the system will require de-pressurizing the system while new drops or additional loops are added

Galvanized Pipe

NOT RECOMMENDED for compressed air use

Great for water distribution for general plumbing

Pieces of the coating will flake off and end up in tools
The debris will cause severe damage to equipment
Can create safety issues when operating tools

Stainless Steel

RECOMMENDED for compressed air systems

Corrosion resistant/low pressure drop
Chemical compatability
Rated to high pressure

Labor intensive
Material costs
Costly to repair (labor)
Safety concerns

PVC Pipe

NOT RECOMMENDED for compressed air systems

Low cost components
Readily available
Resistant to corrosion

Labor instensive
Prone to leaks
Costly to repair
Incompatibility issues
Safety concerns

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