Nitrogen Generation

John Henry Foster of Eagan, Minnesota, distributes nitrogen generators. Nitrogen is extremely effective in minimizing oxidation and eliminating harmful water vapor thereby improving manufacturing and testing processes, reducing product spoilage and increasing through-put. Because of its stable and inert (non-reactive) properties, nitrogen is used in a wide variety of manufacturing, processing, laboratory, food and industrial applications for the medical field, and provides air compressor maintenance and compressor parts on all brands and parts of compressed air systems in the greater five-state area including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and northern Iowa.

In addition to distributing nitrogen generators and air compressors, John Henry Foster also provides compressed air training focused on all aspects of the design and operation of energy efficient compressed air systems from the generation through the purification and distribution of compressed air.  We also offer training on servicing and maintaining your compressed air system.

For more details and ordering information for John Henry Foster air compressors and nitrogen generators, contact us by phone 800.582.5162 or request more information.



Membrane generators, PSA nitrogen generators


Membrane generators, PSA nitrogen generators

Parker (Domnick Hunter/Airtek)

PSA nitrogen generators

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