Air Dryers, Airline Filters and Condensate Drains

JHF is a distributor of a variety of air treatment equipment including dryers, filters and condensate drains.  We pride ourselves on keeping your compressed air system running at peak performance – clean and free from water, dirt and particles that can slow your system and end up costing you money. We want to provide the best air treatment equipment protection for your investment.

Our parts department stock a full line of air dryers, filters and condensate drains to help service your needs.air-treatment5-630x270

Air Dryers

Quality air dryers such as Domnick Hunter, Zeks, Nano Purification and Beko are represented and include refrigerated, regenerative, breathing air systems, membrane and refrigerated cycling and refrigerated non-cycling.

Air Filters

A full-line of compressed air filters are available for keeping industrial compressed air clean and dry and include Beach, Domnick Hunter, Numatics, Nano Purification and Zeks.

Condensate drains

JHF also provides condensate drains, which are a critical step in supplying clean, dry compressed air to your tools, equipment and system processes.  The task of condensate drains is to remove the condensate from the pressurized air system safely and at a low expense. To read more about the key benefits of a condensate drain, click here.

In addition to air dryers, airline filters and condensate drains, John Henry Foster provides custom engineered services, and service and parts for all brands of compressed air equipment in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

If you would like further information regarding Air Dryers, Airline Filters and Condensate Drains, please contact us at 800.582.5162, request more information or place an order online.

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