Customized Compressed Air System Design and Air Compressor Engineering

John Henry Foster specializes in compressed air system design and operation. Most industries realize their greatest savings come from energy reduction in their compressed air systems. Our knowledge in air compressor engineering — products, monitoring capability and application techniques in the compressed air industry — allows us to maximize the efficiency of any system. We are able to provide the expertise and knowledge of where and how to begin the process to increasing the efficiency of your compressed air system.audit-testing

With over 100 years of combined experience, our teams of specialists are able to provide innovative engineering solutions to assist our customers in their efforts to improve the efficiency, operation and reliability of their compressed air systems. Whether designing a new system or retrofitting an existing system – our teams have the capability to integrate all types and brands of compressed air systems.winner

In addition to customized air system design and operation, JHF offers training for compressed air capital equipment to educate on all aspects of the design and operation of energy efficient compressed air systems from the generation through the purification and distribution of compressed air. We also offer energy efficiency programs and system audits since compressed air systems present one of the largest and most frequent opportunities for energy reduction. Check out our vast inventory of compressed air products we provide in the greater five-state area including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

To receive more information about JHF’s customized compressed air systems or to talk to an engineering specialist, please call 800.582.5162 or email.

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