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John Henry Foster is one of very few distributors nationally that is structured to work with both sides of compressed air system – the supply and demand.  By providing both capital equipment and pneumatic components consultatively, we are a leader with innovative solutions and consistent value to customers with our engineered processes and technical development.

JHF compressed air services specialists assist you by providing in your efforts to improve the effectiveness, operation and reliability of your entire compressed air systems.  Our knowledge of products, monitoring capability and application techniques in the compressed air industry allows us to maximize solutions for you.  By creating seamless integration between design, test, maintenance, training and other technical support, we can partner with you in improving productivity – by maximizing system performance, lowering operational costs and increasing system reliability.

A few of the areas that we perform customized engineered services in are:

In addition to engineered services, JHF also provides service and maintenance as needed on all brands and parts of compressed air systems and also has a vast inventory of compressor units, parts and accessories to ensure optimal performance to keep your equipment running at its peak, thus reducing costly downtime and lost productivity.

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