Compresses AIr Product Design Helps Airborne Get off the Ground

JHF becomes engineering tool for Airborne Athletics

In 1997, Doug Campbell and his brother Jeff decided to start their own business. Doug was an avid volleyball player and wanted to develop a product that would provide him with a convenient way to train on his own. Doug asked Jeff for his engineering expertise and together in their garages they designed a volleyball throwing machine called AirCAT. The Campbell brothers knew that other volleyball machines existed but most lacked consistency, caused ball wear, and none were operated within a compressed air product design. This was the beginning of Airborne Athletics.

“Our goal when developing the AirCAT was to improve player’s skills by allowing the coach freedom to coach rather than being a ball tosser. With our patented ‘Consistent Air Technology’, the AirCAT will deliver with consistency, up to 1100 volleyballs per hour automatically for all types of drills,” explains Mr. Campbell.

The AirCAT volleyball machine was introduced in 1998 and with the new compressed air product design and JHF’s help has become very popular within the athletics industry.

Over the past 11 years, there has been constant communication between JHF’s account manager, Chris Garding, and Airborne Athletics. Being a small company, Airborne Athletics has utilized the expertise of JHF in the product development area. JHF has been providing Airborne Athletics with several innovative design and product suggestions since the very beginning and continues to assist by streamlining Airborne’s purchasing, staying deeply involved in engineering changes and developing new product ideas.

In 2003, building on the success of AirCAT, Airborne Athletics decided to take advantage of the growing popularity of basketball and create Dr. Dish, a basketball game simulation machine. Currently about 60% of Airborne Athletics sales are in the basketball industry, and 40% are in the volleyball industry. This is mainly due to the larger amount of basketball programs available and the greater popularity for both genders in schools.

Over the years, Airborne Athletics has gone from two employees to twelve and plans to keep expanding in the future.

Through JHF, Airborne Athletics continues to look to Chris Garding for new products and engineering expertise to improve their current designs. The relationship between Chris and Airborne Athletics is truly a mutually beneficial partnership that will continue into the future.

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