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What Are Five Areas of Focus When Installing Compressed Air Equipment

Maybe you’re in the market to purchase compressed air equipment or you currently have your unit and are curious about proper installation, staying under warranty, protecting your investment, and meeting building and installation codes. We get it. There’s a lot to consider, especially if you want to install right the first time.

Have no fear.

To help you get started, here are five common areas of focus to consider before you install your compressed air equipment:

  1. Always plan for future maintenance, repairs and growth of your system. You don’t want misplacement of equipment resolving in blockage of paths during emergencies or even when common maintenance is needed. We suggest considering the size of the technicians performing your frequent maintenance.
  2. Evaluate where drains, tanks and piping must go before installing especially when it comes to future inspections and draining.
  3. Inspect the room your equipment will reside. Is there ventilation? What is the quality of air like? What will the temperature in the room be throughout the seasons?
  4. Think about power requirements, sizes of the machines and if they will fit in the space allotted. You’ll be surprised how many pieces of equipment show up on site and they can’t even get through the door.
  5. Look over operation manuals. Each piece of equipment has its own specific needs and provides operation manuals to determine how much service is required to operate effectively and efficiently and how often to order parts to ensure your unit stays under warranty. You can also visit out maintenance checklists that provide a general idea of service required.

Whatever types and brands of equipment: filters, tanks, dryers, compressors, etc., JHFoster specializes in complete compressed air, vacuum system, fluid cooling, piping design, operation, installation, service and maintenance in MN, WI, ND, SD and northern IA. We provide you with expertise and knowledge through the entire process of increasing the efficiency of your current compressed air system.

To receive more information about installation or to talk to a piping specialist, please call 800.582.5162 or e-mail.


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