Ingenious Solutions to Interesting Robot Challenges

A big congrats to James Kirk, one of our Electrical Automation Controls Engineers, for taking first at the pen programming assembly at the Robotiq User Conference (RUC) in Quebec, Canada. The annual Robotiq conference brings suppliers, key customers and Robotiq employees together and pairs up teams from all over the country.

During the conference, Robotiq held a challenge for the teams to develop a full automation solution. The teams each used 6 UR robots to assemble a trade show giveaway case. They had to use what they have learned from the conference and Robotiq’s products to find solutions to non-ideal robot assembly situations.

The goal is for the teams to better understand Robotiq’s product line and see if what they are providing truly helps bypass bad early design. “Robotiq has very good precisions and variable products and their systems are remarkable working in non-ideal situations” said James.









In 12 hours, James programmed a functioning robot from absolutely nothing to something that was putting pens together and placing them into containers. His teammates worked with pens, screwdrivers and so much more, but another team pulled ahead and won the challenge.

“All my experience in robotics has shown me that the hardest thing is getting the part to the robot. That is the the most difficult thing you can do. Once you have that, everything seems to go smoothly.”

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