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What Voids the Warranty of Industrial Air Compressors

Maintenance worker tending to equipment

Industrial compressors can be warriors in the workplace. From manufacturing to medical and petroleum to food packaging, compressors, pumps and vacuums perform a myriad of tasks, frequently with a minimum of maintenance. Well-maintained industrial compressors can last ten, fifteen, twenty years or more. This makes their purchase relatively infrequent. Even companies with multiple compressors may […]

Why Oil-Free Air is Critical in Medical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with oil free compressor

Manufacturing processes rely on a wide range of equipment and mechanisms to create products for people around the world. The same holds true for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers. These facilities use conveyor belts, drums, rotary devices, and compressed air to manufacture medical devices and medicines. However, unlike other companies, pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers must maintain […]

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Compressed Air Systems


Compressed air is an important component in the transfer of energy for use in industrial process. When designed properly, a compressed air system can reduce energy consumption dramatically, often resulting in energy saving of 10% or more. A poorly designed system, however, can lead to unnecessary downtime, loss of productivity, out-of-budget maintenance and repair costs, […]

How Compressed Air Systems Evolved in the Last 20 Years

Pressure gauge air compressor

Compressed air systems are not a recent innovation. Society has utilized compressed air for centuries, from the foot-operated bellows used in metalworking in the 1500s to the vacuum pumps inventions for blast furnaces in 1650 and the first compressor plant built in 1888. The need for compressed air systems has evolved and changed to accommodate […]

How To Use A CFM Calculator

CFM - cubic feet per minute

Whether you use a calculator every day or you haven’t used one since high school, it’s probably a safe bet that you’d still be fairly comfortable using the device if you had to. If you’re ever in the market for an air compressor for your industrial facility, it would certainly qualify as a time when […]

Leasing vs Buying Industrial

Industrial Air Compressor System in boiler room

When it comes to factory operations, not every piece of equipment becomes owned by the company. Making lease arrangements sometimes offer cost savings and other benefits that fit better in the company’s budget. For industrial air compressors, the needs of the company should always be taken into consideration before deciding on whether to lease the […]

Best Applications for Compressed Air Systems

Air Compressor System

For compressed air systems, the types of applications for these compressors will depend on the industry. These systems may be used in automotive, aerospace, medical, food, mining, and many others. These industries may use several different types of compressed air for their operations that could come in various sizes. Companies in these industries may also […]

Safety Pointers When Working with Compressed Air Systems

Compressed air systems are used for varying industries, from agriculture to pharmaceutical manufacturing, requires workers to operate systems within safety parameters. Any sudden changes in pressure or malfunction equipment may cause an accident that could damage products or applications as well as injure workers. Practicing safety best practices allows workers to take all required precautions […]

What are Particulate Filters for Air Compressors?

The air filter for compressor.

Mechanics recommend that you change the air filter on your vehicle so that its heating and cooling system continues to work effectively. HVAC service providers echo a similar sentiment when it comes to your home or office’s heating and cooling equipment. But there are various industrial appliances that require similar upkeep in order to continue […]

How IOT and Industry 4.0 Boost Compressed Air Systems

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In factories, processing plants and elsewhere, if compressed air stops flowing everything stops. Actuators and pneumatic tools won’t work, conveyors don’t move powder, sprayers can’t apply coatings and so on. That puts the person responsible for the compressed air system at the center of the action, which is usually not much fun. The IOT and […]