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How Do Electric Actuators Compare To Other Types (Price & Performance)

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How exactly does an electric actuator compare to other types of actuators? Many people believe that pneumatic actuators are simply cheaper, so that is the best option for their application. In some cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Electric actuators are more efficient in some cases. This means the actuator performs better and […]

The Different Types of Actuation

From start to finish, the manufacturing process is always in motion, and most of that motion is powered by one of the three common types of actuation: pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic actuators. What differentiates these power sources, and why should you use one over another? Hydraulic One type of actuation is hydraulic. Hydraulic actuators utilize […]

How Does a Pneumatic Actuator Work?

pneumatic actuator and technology

One of the most common ways to generate linear motion for industrial applications is with an actuator. Actuators are devices that translate a source of static power into useful output motion. They can also be used to apply force. Actuators are typically mechanical devices that take energy and convert it into various forms of motion. […]

Complete Guide for Choosing the Right Air Actuator

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Pneumatic actuation is a motion technology that sounds more complicated than it really is – pneumatic components take the energy made through compressed air and convert it into motion. This motion can be either linear or rotary, and powers applications across nearly all industries, from manufacturing to medical. This style of actuator is known informally […]