The ability to automate processes in the manufacturing industry has been a huge step for many companies. Although automation makes operations simpler and more time-efficient overall, parts of the automation process need to be seamless to achieve best results.

One part needed to make this happen is electric actuators. These are actuators that convert electrical energy into mechanical torque and linear motion. This is highly needed in automating certain processes of manufacturing.

Electric actuators are mostly used in creating movement of a load, including applications that require clamping. An electric motor creates the needed force for the actuator to move.

Pneumatic vs Electric Cylinder Actuators

Electric actuators are used when the application requires more precision. They have different power and temperature requirements to operate at optimal conditions. Unlike pneumatic actuators, when it comes to lower temperatures, electric actuators can thrive without the risk of condensation freezing and blocking the air supply lines.

Electric actuators are the only options when compressed air is not available. Most of these actuators have enclosure options that adhere to the standards set by NEMA VII.

Another advantage of electric actuators is its low torque to weight ratio, which is required in some applications.

At the end of the day, the needs of the application and the industry dictate which actuator is more suitable.

The Industrial Electric Actuators We Offer

We have the following electrical actuators in stock.

Atlanta Drive Systems: Gear Racks, Rack and Pinion Systems, Pinion Gears, Automatic Lubrication Systems, Ball Screw Drives, Linear Rail Systems

Bimba: Original Line Electric rod type

Bimba | Intek: Belt, Ballscrew, Rack and Pinion, Thrusters, Idlers, Linear Servo, Gantry Systems

Carlo Gavazzi: Contactors, Overloads, Manual Motor Starters, Soft Starters, Solid State Contactors, Definite Purpose Contactors and Miniature Circuit Protectors/Breakers

Control Techniques/Leroy-Somer/Nidec: Servo Motors, Servo Drives, AC/DC Drives, Induction/Permanent, Magnet/DC Motors

JVL: Stepper Motors, Servomotors, Linear Motors, Motion Controllers and Drives (Amplifiers)

Oriental Motor: Stepper Motors, Servomotors, Linear Motors, Motion Controllers and Drives (Amplifiers)

Rexroth: Servomotors, Linear Motors, Motion Controllers and Drives (Amplifiers), and Direct Drive Motors, Linear Guides, Linear Axes, Linear Screw Assemblies, Electromechanical Cylinders, Integrated Measuring Systems

Robohand/DESTACO: Electric Grippers and Power Clamps

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