An electric actuator uses electricity to create motion in a linear or rotary movement. Electric actuators are used to automate much of the same applications that pneumatic actuators automate. The difference is in the design and method of power. There are many types of electric actuators, all designed for different tasks and applications. 

They can come in rod-style or rod-less varieties. Motors can be added, as well as, drives. Also, these types of actuators are the most efficient type of actuator available. 

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Bimba: Original Line Electric rod type

Bimba | Intek: Belt, Ballscrew, Rack and Pinion, Thrusters, Idlers, Linear Servo, Gantry Systems

Control Techniques/Leroy-Somer/Nidec: Servo Motors, Servo Drives, AC/DC Drives, Induction/Permanent, Magnet/DC Motors

Duff-Norton: Screw jacks, linear actuators, electric cylinders

IAI America, Inc: ROBO Cylinder™, Linear, Rotary Actuators, Mini ROBO Cylinder

KoganeiElectric Linear and Rotary Actuators

JHFoster motion control application.