State Availability: South Dakota

Dekker Vacuum Technologies


Medical & Vacuum Packages – Liquid ring, rotary vaneVacuum Pumps – Water & oil-sealed liquid ring, lubricated & dry rotary vane: 1/4 HP – 200 HP


Pneumatic Accessories – Manual and pneumatic clampsRobotic Accessories – Pneumatic grippers, Electric grippers, End-of-Arm Tooling and Tool Changers

Control Devices LLC

Compressed Air Accessories – Drain-All, WaterHog fail-safe automatic condensate drains

Bosch Rexroth*

Electric Actuators – Linear motors, ball rail linear guides, high precision ball screws, linear motion systems, smart function kit, electromechanical cylinders, linear guides, linear axes, linear screw assemblies, linear guide systems, linear screw assemblies, integrated measuring Electric Automation – IndraMotion MTX micro, IndraMotion MTX standard, performance, and advanced, servomotors, motion controllers and drives (amplifiers), direct […]


Electric Actuators – Original Line Eletric Rod TypePneumatic Actuators – Original Line® stainless steel air cylinders, Ultran® magnetic coupled rodless, Flat-I®, Flat-II® and Square Flat® stainless steel low profile, PneuTurn® rotary actuators, linear thrusters, position feedback, DoubleWall® NFPA, ISO 6431 & 6432 metric cylinders, feedback, Pneumatic Grippers (BPGS)Pneumatic Accessories – Alignment couplers, flow control valves […]

Aerzen USA

Blowers – Positive displacement, hybrid to 51 PSI

ACE Controls

Pneumatic Accessories – Shock absorbers, velocity and feed controllers, gas springs, and hydraulic dampers

Gardner Denver

Dryers – Refrigerated cycling, non-cycling, regenerative, digital scrollFilters – Particulate, coalescing, vapor, mist eliminatorClimate Control Air Compressors – Reciprocating: ½ HP – 25 HPMedical & Vacuum Packages – ScrollOil Lubricated Air Compressors – Rotary screw: 5-500 HP, Reciprocating: ½ – 30 HP, HydrovaneOil Free & Oil-Less Air Compressors – Water-sealed: 20 HP – 150 HP; […]


Electric Automation – IO Link Sensors, RFID, I/O Link Fieldbus Masters, HUBS, RFID Vision, LED Stack Lights, Displays Safety – Safety over IO Link, Light Curtains, Door Switches, Safety Sensors

AAA Products

Pneumatic Valves – Mechanical, pilot, or solenoid operated valves