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Why are Electric Actuators so Precise and Repeatable?

Electric Actuator

Electric actuators continue to grow in popularity in the motion industry, but what makes them move so precise and repeatable? At the very basic level, electric actuators utilize motors that generate rotary motion and a belt or screw to convert that rotation to linear motion, all while employing a variety of motion control devices to […]

The Minimum Operating Temperature for an Oil-less Compressor?

There’s a winter cold snap and you need to fill your tires with air to offset a loss in air pressure caused by the weather. You pull into the service station near your house only to see a sign on the air compressor that the device is frozen and out of service. It’s a problem […]

How Do Electric Actuators Compare To Other Types (Price & Performance)

electric actuator application in the food industry

How exactly does an electric actuator compare to other types of actuators? Many people believe that pneumatic actuators are simply cheaper, so that is the best option for their application. In some cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Electric actuators are more efficient in some cases. This means the actuator performs better and […]

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Electric Actuators?

electric actuators aid in food production

Choosing between electric actuators and other varieties can be difficult. Each type of motion has its own advantages and disadvantages. Even more, one type of actuation is seldom a replacement for another. Generally, applications will greatly benefit from one type of actuation over all the others. To make this choice a bit easier for you, […]

What Is Robotic Automation?

robotic automation in a car plant

Robotic automation is simply a variation of automation that uses robotic technology to simplify a task or application. Robots perform tasks that range from painting a car in a factory to packaging food product. There is a large array of robot types, as well as, robotic accessories. Let’s dive into the different types of robots […]

How Does An Electric Actuator Work?

electric actuators at work in a conveyor system

Electric actuators pair with motors and drives to create linear or rotary motion. These parts work together to create kinetic motion out of electricity similar to how compressed air or oil creates linear motion with pneumatic cylinders. However, the question remains. How exactly do electric actuators work? In this blog post, we are going to […]

The Difference Between Medical Oxygen & Industrial Oxygen

It’s a scientific fact that every part of the body needs oxygen to survive. In fact, that’s the main purpose of the body’s respiratory system — to take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. You might, however, be surprised to learn that there’s more than one type of oxygen — and two of these […]

Air Preparation Basics

air preparation basics for pneumatic system

Compressed air contains contaminants and moisture which can cause premature wear and tool damage in pneumatic systems. Air preparation equipment (filters, regulators, and lubricators) should be used to maximize the efficiency and service life of these systems. Find out more about air preparation basics and equipment below. Filters Filters typically come “first” when building air […]

What Is Electric Motion

electric motion

Electricity is a relatively new player in the actuation market. Where hydraulic and pneumatic motion has existed for centuries and came into prominence in the early 20th century, electric motion only started to develop at the onset of our modern technological era. How Electric Actuators Work Electric actuators most commonly pair with motors to provide […]

What Are The Differences Between Cobots & Other Robots?

collaborative robot (cobot) and gears

On a recent podcast, Dustin Hrubetz, JHFoster’s Manager of Robotic Distribution and Industrial Application, talked about a few differences between cobots and other robots. He also discussed some of the applications cobots (collaborative robots) are being used for in current markets. In this blog post, we are going to talk further about these topics. Keep reading […]