Energy Saving Opportunities Through Proper Air Compressor Systems and Design

As one of the Midwest’s leading compressed air systems distributors and service providers, John Henry Foster Minnesota is uniquely qualified to assist you in the design and manufacture of state-of the-art centralized compressed air system controllers. Designing and manufacturing customized compressed air system controllers such as Flo-Trol, Pro-Trol and Electronic Control has given JHF the knowledge and the capability of being able to interface with all major manufactures and types of air compressors ranging from 30 to 5,000 horsepower.


Air compressor energy efficiency is essential for your company and for the environment. The Department of Energy estimated that 10% of all electrical energy use in the United States is consumed in the generation of compressed air. Compressed air is one of the most expensive uses of energy in a manufacturing plant. About eight horsepower of electricity is used to generate one horsepower of compressed air. Considering 70% of all manufacturing facilities utilize compressed air in some aspect of the manufacturing process, there is a significant reason for these companies to investigate how to save energy through the proper use of air compressor controls systems and design.

The air compressor control design that JHF’s technicians design and build allows them to control and monitor equipment for energy consumption. JHF’s compressor controllers provide energy-efficient solutions through their airflow and air pressure diagnostics monitoring, which are built into the control system. While working with each client individually, JHF designs systems to maximize the efficiency, reliability and profitability of compressed air systems.

If you would like additional information regarding Flo-Trol, Pro-Trol or our Electronic-Control and how we can assess your company’s potential compressed air energy saving opportunities, please contact our air compressor control systems department at 888.681.5758 or visit our website at

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