Air Compressor Controls Result in Reduced Energy Consumption

Innovation + Imagination = FLO-TROL

The Department of Energy has estimated that 10% of all electrical energy use in the United States is consumed in the generation of compressed air. This has added significance since 70% of all manufacturing facilities utilize compressed air in some aspect of their manufacturing process. These facts highlight the reason why companies with compressed air systems have a compelling reason to investigate the potential for energy savings through the proper use of air compressor controls.

While there are a number of areas within compressed air or vacuum systems to analyze for energy savings, centralized air compressor controls for multiple compressor installations is one that provides a great opportunity for significant savings. Energy savings of 30% can be realized on multiple compressor systems that currently do not have some form of centralized control system. Energy savings of 10-15% can be realized even with multiple compressors systems utilizing the cascading pressure band system, which is probably the most common control scheme.

Flo-Trol, the industry’s first flow-based centralized compressor control system was developed to address this issue. Flo-Trol eliminates many of the limitations that currently exist with compressor control systems offered by compressor manufacturers. Some of Flo-Trol’s advantages include:

Flo-Trol is non proprietary, using off the shelf components.

Flo-Trol is able to control and monitor all types and manufacturers air compressors and vacuum pumps.

Flo-Trol eliminates the need to designate a lead compressor or establish a cascading pressure band system.

Over the last 15 years and 200 installations, Flo-Trol has evolved into a very powerful and sophisticated control and monitoring system. Our Electro-Pneumatic Control department has applied the expertise and knowledge, gained through experience to develop a complete family of U.L. Listed controllers under the Flo-Trol name. We are utilizing state-of-the-art hardware and software such as Allen Bradley’s MicroLogix and CompactLogix controllers and Panelview touch screens to provide our customers with all the benefits this new technology has to offer. John Henry Foster is also well versed in the integration of Flo-Trol with Building Management Systems. We have extensive experience with Local Area Network technologies, such as Ethernet.

Today Plant Managers are looking to not only control their systems, but are looking for data such as energy, pressure, temperatures, dew point and flow measurements, which Flo-Trol provides. This information has become instrumental in analyzing and benchmarking system performance which is critical in maintaining and documenting the quality and cost of these systems. In many instances they are looking for this data to be incorporated into their own building management systems and formatted for internal and external use. Flo-Trol was designed to be customized to any level of sophistication required. We realize that individual requirements can vary tremendously and we are committed to providing whatever expertise is required.

If you would like further information regarding air compressor controls, Flo-Trol and how we can assess your Company’s potential energy saving opportunities, please contact Ron Nordby.

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