Adjustable Modular Aluminum Frames: Adjustable for Any Industry or Application

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Adjustable modular aluminum frames have the capability to adjust to fit virtually any industry and application. These custom specific framing systems consist of aluminum profiles, fasteners and accessories and are fully equipped to handle projects ranging from light to heavy-duty. They provide secure and OSHA-approved guards, displays, workstations, or any other custom application needed. To help save time and money, services such as design assistance, custom machining, kit packaging and support to build your application are all available in addition to offering the necessary parts and pieces for your project.

New Key Products Profiles Currently, there are 88 profiles available. Options for these profiles include fractional and/or metric extrusions and weights ranging from light, ultralite or standard. Also added are three rounded profiles for the 40 series metric, along with four other additions to the 40 series line. These additions give a greater variety of options for designing.

Paneling 80% of all framing projects need one or more panels. Our manufacturer has nearly 100 existing and in-stock options to choose from and has recently expanded to include several new options.

These options include: mill finish aluminum plates along with clear polycarbonate panels both available in five thicknesses, wire mesh in two additional powder coat colors, and PVC coated wire mesh panels with 2” x 2” openings.

Structural Aluminum Applications:

  • Machine tool
  • Automation
  • Material handling
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail systems
  • Furniture
  • Fluid Power
  • Robotics
  • Displays/Exhibits
  • Medical
  • Scientific
  • Packaging

Structural Aluminum Benefits:

  • No welding
  • No priming or painting
  • Lightweight and easy to machine
  • Uses standard fractional or metric fasteners
  • Less engineering time required
  • Easy to fabricate – only simple hand tools required
  • T-Slot technology is industry accepted
  • Great aesthetic value
  • No expensive fabricating equipment required
  • Machine frames can be easily reconfigured for design changes

For more information on adjustable modular aluminum frames, please contact us at John Henry Foster to learn more about 80/20 Aluminum Framing Systems at 888.681.5750.

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