Electric Actuator by Bimba - JHFoster

Pneumatic actuators are used alongside grippers in order to clamp and position parts with precision and accuracy. This combination of parts is used for conveying, clamping, transference of parts, positioning and valve control.  Compressed air actuators are used to open valves within the system.

Actuators provide safe and efficient motion control through the use of pressurized air or gas.  There are many types of actuators, and they all fit a different piece of your system’s puzzle. Certain actuators are designed for speedy systems, while others are designed to automate a process. Whatever your needs may be, or even if you don’t know what your actuator needs are, we can help.

Whether your application includes a motor, cylinder, or other motion devices, you will likely need an actuator. Wouldn’t you want to be sure the actuator you are using meets the specific demands of your industry and system usage? You cannot depend on just any actuator to create the motions necessary for your system. Each actuator is designed to control parameters like time, speed, precision, stroke length, etc. Without taking these considerations into account, your system may not work efficiently at best. At worst, your system may not work at all.

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