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John Henry Foster was acquired by High Road Capital Partners on June 4th, 2019.

John Henry Foster is a leading innovator in the robotics, compressed air and automation industries. JHFoster is built on the ideas of high-ranking customer service and innovational support. Headquartered in Eagan, MN, John Henry supports such states in the Upper Midwest as Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota.

John Henry Foster highly values honesty, trust, innovation, a passion for excellence, a belief in people, and ease of business as its foundational principles. Jan Hawkins continues to lead the company on its mission for long-term goals, organic growth, and strategic planning.

JHFoster provides premium products from an array of suppliers to allow for complete product offerings for our customers. Our certified technical service teams provide services such as design, installation, integration and repairs. We are a one-stop-shop provide for all your automation, compressed air and robotic needs.
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