John Henry Foster is based on values of honesty and trust. We ensure that our customers trust that we follow through on what we say and do by showing accountability for our work. We also pride ourselves on being easy to work with by delivering the absolute best customer service we possibly can for our variety of customers. John Henry Foster is dedicated to innovation, meaning that we provide our customers with cutting edge technology to ensure reliability and efficiency to provide for customer needs.

At John Henry Foster, we have a passion for excellence. We are always monitoring for better ways to perform for our customers, and looking for the best quality products and services to provide for our customers. John Henry Foster believes in people. We find great value in our customers, employees and vendors alike. The many relationships we build with them are the foundational building blocks for our future success. We understand that investing in these people are what will directly bring us into our future of success.
You don’t need take our word for it. Actions speak for themselves. Take a look at our testimonials below to understand what value we can provide for your business.

Ron Ettinger

I rarely send a complimentary letter because most of the time I am used to getting good customer service.

Today at John Henry Foster Company, I got exceptional service.

I called JHF today and first spoke with Matt regarding identifying an ASCO valve. I thought this was
going to be a real challenge – a million valves out there, and there was no number on the valve body of
my defective one.

I asked Matt where he would suggest I go in the Twin Cities to have someone help me identify this valve, as
I needed an exact replacement to replace my defective one that had fit snuggly between two pipes.

Matt immediately asked, can you take a picture? I said I can do better, if okay, I will bring it to you.
Matt said “great” bring it over, and we will figure it out. I was already feeling better. I didn’t have the time to
spend on this one item.

Arrived at JHF from my location in Mendota Heights, and met James Bjerke at the will-call counter.
Very friendly and anxious to help. He took the defective valve, and said he was going to do some research, get it
figured it out, and be right back. In little time, Matt was back. He wrote up the order, I paid and was out the door in
minimal time with a big smile. Love friendliness and efficiency especially during a busy day.

KUDOS to Matt, James and the JHF team!!! You need to know, I never met either Matt or James before today.
I am not a father, brother, or uncle. Just a good word for a job well done.

Lee Krauss, Purchasing Agent at Dairy Conveyor Corp

Thank you for all your help, not just for the order yesterday that was delivered to job site today, but the good work you do each and every time. You can’t teach caring, and JHFoster has been such a great asset to us.

Richard Koniszczuk, Engineering Technician Heraeus Medical Components, Inc.

In one easy step, 80/20 was able to provide us with exactly what we were looking for, and we could stay focused on our business and development.

Tom Holland, Vice President of Metro Mold & Design, Inc

There are many manufacturers of Extruded Aluminum Structure, but the service and professionalism at JHFoster is what has made us a return customer.

Mark Anderson, Senior Mechanical Designer

For every dollar we spend using John Henry Foster’s products and services, we save two dollars versus in-house design and fabrication.