Over the years, John Henry Foster and our talented team has been recognized by many organizations. Furthermore, we are proud to have earned all the recognition highlights and awards listed below. Due to the support of our valued customers and employees, these honors are possible. In addition, our customers and employees inspire us to continue leading with purpose. Also, they help us commit to ensuring quality parts and service. Above all, our focus is ensuring the efficiencies of our customers. 

Now, read about one of our vendor partnerships below;

JHFoster Top Trade Partner in 2018

Each year, Xcel Energy recognizes top-performing commercial trade partners based on energy savings projects completed. Furthermore, the recognitions are presented to those helping customers achieve notable energy efficiency gains over the past year.

Therefore, for the fourth year in a row, John Henry Foster received the Energy Efficiency Partner Award. Xcel Energy presented the 2018 awards at the Energy Efficiency Expo in St. Paul, MN on April 25th. Also, the Expo consisted of an all-day event with presentations, breakout sessions, tours, and a chance to network with peers.

JHFoster, along with 38 other business, represents companies that submitted customer projects through Xcel Energy’s energy efficiency rebate programs. Consequently, these programs created the largest amount of energy savings (kWh or Dth) during the 2017 calendar year. 

Also, these partnerships make up only a small portion of our recognition highlights and awards. See more awards below.

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History of JHFoster 2018

JHFoster is awarded Xcel Energy Efficiency Partner Award

JHFoster is awarded Xcel Energy Efficiency Partner Award

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History of JHFoster 2013

Transair Sales by Parker Hannifin presents John Henry Foster with the Top 2013 Achievement Award

Similarly, Ace Controls awards JHFoster with the 2012 Greatest Growth Award

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Bimba awards JHFoster with The Bimba Trophy

Beach Filters Product Inc, awards JHFoster with the “Top 5 Distributor Award”

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TRD Manufacturing Inc awards JHFoster with the “2008 Goal Achiever” Award

Quincy Compressors presents John Henry Foster with the 2007 Top-10 Distributor Award

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