JHFoster employees donate blood to the American Red Cross

John Henry Foster hosted its annual blood drive this spring on April 1st from 11:45 am to 4:45 pm. The Red Cross bus rolled on up to the John Henry Foster back parking lot and eighteen employees took time out of their day to donate.

Why Should People Donate Blood?

Every year, approximately 6.8 million people donate blood in the United States. John Henry Foster donated eighteen pints of blood to help the millions of Americans who will need a transfusion this year. You never know when someone you love may need blood. In fact, every two seconds, someone needs blood that comes from donations just like those collected at this event. Just like the donations you’ve made, or the ones you could be making. Imagine taking just one hour of your time to help save someone’s life with zero monetary contribution needed.

Be someone’s hero. Donate your time. Donate blood.