JHFoster employee donates blood to American Red Cross.

Employees Give Back

Every 2 seconds in the United States someone needs blood. JHFoster employees took time out to donate and help those in need and at the end of the day, we were able to donate 14 pints of blood!

John Henry Foster’s Blood Drive was held in the back parking lot. The whole donation process takes approximately an hour broken down into four 15 minute increments; 15 minutes for a questionnaire, 15 minutes to check vitals, 15 minutes for the actual donating, and 15 minutes after to relax and eat a snack.

Thanks to the 20 employees who donated. We look forward to the opportunity to give back again soon.

Why Give Blood?

Blood donation is a community responsibility. While you’re reading this, a local patient needs blood.

  • Blood is needed every two seconds
  • About one in seven people entering a hospital needs blood
  • Blood is always needed for treatment of accident victims, cancer patients, hemophiliacs and surgery patients
  • Blood cannot be manufactured
  • Only 37 percent of our country’s population is eligible to give blood, and less than 10 percent of those who can donate actually do donate annually

What if everyone eligible to donate became complacent and decided they didn’t need to donate because someone else would?

What if there wasn’t enough donated blood available when you, a loved one – anyone – needed it?

Our blood supply comes from caring donors like you. It takes about one hour of your time. When you give blood, it gives someone another smile, another hug, another chance. It is the gift of life.

Be a Hero. Give Blood.