John Henry Foster employees pose around street sign after volunteering to clean up a local Eagan street.

Giving Back to the Eagan Community

Nine employees from John Henry Foster volunteered their time to clean up the streets of Eagan. Each year, a group of volunteers take the time to invest in their community and keep the nearby streets clean and free of garbage.

How it works:

  • Community groups, churches, individuals or businesses adopt a highway by picking up litter on both sides of a road at least two times per year for at least two years.

According to LitterItCostsYou.Org, over $11 billion dollars is spent every year to clean up litter and 50% of littered items are cigarette butts. Cigarettes can take more than 10 years to disintegrate. But the most common object found during litter clean-up is fast food litter.

Employees were happy to volunteer their time and clean up the streets. Employees look forward to doing this again in the fall.

“It was nice knowing that I was doing something good for the neighborhood,” said Bob Quick, Service Coordinator, “And of course the nice sunshine.”

Benefits of volunteering:

  • Keeps roadsides beautiful and free of litter
  • Public service project for groups and families
  • Shows that Minnesotans care about their state
  • Saves taxpayers money

Some facts about Adopt-a-Highway program:

  • More than 3,500 groups participate
  • Millions of dollars realized in benefits each year
  • 700+ segments of state roadways available for adoption
  • Some groups have been volunteering since adopt-a-highway began in 1990