Children Try to Catch Candy at Robot Expo

Each April, JHFoster participates in a Robot Day competition sponsored by The Works Museum held in Bloomington, MN. This year it took place on April 13th and was a day of fun where kids and families could interact with robots of all shapes and sizes, as well as meeting the engineers and students who build, program and compete with their robots. There were kid-friendly robotic displays and demonstrations, as well as activities for kids of all ages to participate in. We are excited to have participated in the inspiration of the next generation of innovators.

JHFoster’s Clark Oster, Matt Mensen and Chris Ritt were on hand showing off the “candy-grabbing” actuator robot which retracts along with the candy by using a sensor when their hands get too close.

The Works Museum’s National Robotics Week is designed to inspire students into STEM-related fields and to create public awareness regarding the strength and importance of the U.S. robotics industry and the social and cultural impact that robotics will have on the future. It is an experience to learn about how robots are used to teach, do science, and complete tasks with kid-friendly demos.

About The Works Museum

The Works Museum is a hands-on engineering museum for kids where they can explore how things work. The Works serves over 70,000 children, families and educators annually. They inspire the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers. Learn more about The Works Museum and all the programs and opportunities to interact with technology, robotics, engineering and STEM education partners from the entire Twin Cities area by visiting