Getting kids excited about robots at The Works - JHFoster

Every April annually, John Henry Foster attends Robot Day at The Works Museum. JHFoster takes part in National Robotics week by attending the celebration of robotic and engineering innovations. Kids and families interact with robots varying in shape and size, and meet the engineers and student who have built, programmed, and competed with their robotic solutions.

The Works Museum’s National Robotics Week was created to help build inspiration in children for STEM-related fields and to generate knowledge regarding the importance of the robotics industry within the United States. This event is dually designed to showcase how robots are capable of teaching, completing tasks, and experimenting with science with child-friendly demos.

If you would like to find out just what robots are capable of, you can read our blog posts on robots here. Not sure what the return on investment could be for your company when installing a robotic system, you can calculate your ROI here.

About John Henry Foster

John Henry Foster assists companies with compressed air, automation and robotic solutions. We help companies  automate their production processes to further efficiency and become innovational. JHFoster dedicates itself to grow our community, employees, customers and vendors.

About The Works Museum

The Works Museum is a collection of engineering technologies to showcase to kids that engineering and STEM-related fields are fun and imaginative! Kids can become problem solvers and builders using their own minds and through finding inspiration. The Works Museum holds events great for adults and kids to have family time while learning and experimenting.