John Henry Foster is dedicated to helping others, especially within our local community. This has become an important part of the culture at John Henry Foster. For this reason, John Henry Foster has always had a large focus on improving and supporting the local community within Eagan, Minnesota. As a company oriented around long-term goals, we realize people in our local community are too. We take steps to help people who are a part of our local area to make strides towards the futures they envision for themselves.

John Henry Foster employees are proud to be part of a company that helps their local community and provides solutions for those in need of support and help. With the support of local community partners, John Henry Foster has been able to help hundreds of people in our neighborhood  and improve the wellbeing of its employees through humanitarianism and good-will.

With these guiding principles in mind, John Henry Foster has taken part in community events such as: Robot Day at the Works Museum, Adopt-A-Road, The Fruit of the Vine Fundraiser, Love-Your-Neighbor, and more. To see more information on the community engagements we have participated in, take a peek at our articles linked below.

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